Molto Belle Bologna
Molto Belle Bologna

As we drove from the UK down to the luxury Italian Villas in Abruzzo, we made sure to plan our stops so that we could take in some of the interesting and beautiful destinations along our route. A particular favourite of ours was Bologna. It is an absolute must for all of you real foodies! Everywhere we turned there was fresh food and beautiful architecture.

We mostly stayed within the Quadrilatero Area, famed for its markets. IMG_1032There are so many amazing shops with fantastic displays of fresh pasta, fish, vegetables and much more. It is also home to some of the most expensive balsamic vinegar that you can come across. It was treated almost like a fine wine with some bottles worth over €100! You really get the sense of life within the city with the hustle and bustle through out the traditional old cobbled streets.

Of course our visit would not be complete if we hadn’t sampled some of the mouth watering food on offer. We tasted our first true Bolognese; Rag
ù alla bolognese. It was absolutely delicious! It had so much flavour to it especially when served with fresh tagliatelle. This version, the original version, is definitely far superior to the modified recipe we enjoy at home!

There are now only around 20 towers in the city having originally been nearly 200 in the 12th Century! The wealthier elite having competitions to see who could

IMG_1075build the highest. Having found “The Two Towers”, we decided to venture up! You can climb up to the top of the highest of these two towers for €3. The tallest tower is 97m with a slight lean and the second reaches 48m with a lean to challenge that even of Pisa’s! Eventually making it to the top of the narrow and worn 498 steps we were able to witness a fantastic sunset, what perfect timing. Coming back down however is definitely not for the faint hearted, as I myself experienced!

And of course when in Bologna, do as the locals do… it was time for dinner! We found a fabulous charcuterie restaurant, salumerie simoni, where we able to enjoy loads of local cured meats and cheeses of the region. All that whilst enjoying a beautiful bottle of red from Verona, what more could we possibly want! Well apart from a gelato for dessert, which once again did not let us down!  As we only had a short time in the city we have marked it as a place to return to soon. We will look forward to giving it the time it deserves.

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