Our Visit to the “Grotte del Cavallone”

First things first, it is very important to make sure you pick a clear day to head up to the Grotte del Cavallone. The caves are situated at 1475m above sea level on the eastern side of the Majella Mountain outside the pretty little town of Lama dei Peligni. The drive up there is very special, spectacular views and scenery and passing through quaint little hillside villages. It does take a little while to wind your way up there, but I assure you, you will not get bored! We arrived into the carpark, which is located in the middle of two beautiful rock formations with another jaw dropping view across hills and forests. We then headed up to the cable car were we purchased our tickets using our “Sangro Aventino Card” which gave us a €5 discount per person (so €15pp). The cable cars themselves were more like hanging bird cages but non the less the 20minute journey was filled by taking photographs of the beautiful scenery around us. You travel up the gorge between the two spectacular rock formations. Once at the top, and you successful manage to exit the swinging cage, you can either start to make you […]

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“Fontefico the Pure Wine” of Abruzzo

The idyllically located Fontefico is on the Gulf of Vasto, the coast of Abruzzo. The winery was set up by two brothers, Nicola and Emanuele, in 1996, although it took a further 10 years of perfecting the art before they took the wine to the market. Fontefico is completely organic which makes the wines just that bit more delicious and special! The grapes are kept healthy by the sea breeze which blows through the vines keeping them dry which in turn stops parasites or diseases from affecting the crop. This is usually prevented by the use of chemicals. It is labelled as a boutique winery that produces exceptional wines and we can definitely vouch for that! They produce 5 wines, 1 white, 1 rose and 3 reds, each are very individual yet equally special. As the vines are located just a few hundred metres above sea level, they produce vigorous and highly flavoursome wines characterised by their high acidity and the deep fruit flavour. The white is of the local Pecorino variety, “Pecorino Superiore” has been classed as a DOC* Superiore one of very few Pecorino’s to be awarded with this prestigious label. The rose is not your typical rose it is […]

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